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Innovative orthodontic technology

We want to achieve the best results possible for our patients, so we use the most advanced orthodontic technology available, including the state-of-the-art iTero 5D digital scanner for accurate teeth impressions, and CEPH extraoral X-rays.

Precise results with the iTero 5D scanner

This innovative technology allows us to get an incredibly accurate digital 3D impression of your teeth and jaw, which means we can create a more accurate teeth straightening treatment plan, more accurately predict your results, and track your progress digitally.

Using the iTero digital scanner also removes the need for us to use the uncomfortable dental tray and putty method of getting teeth impressions.

Benefits of the iTero digital scanner 

People can see what their teeth will look like post treatment

No more uncomfortable fitting impressions using dental trays 

Accurate impressions produce better fitting Invisalign aligners 

Faster and more accurate treatment plan, and predictable results

Orthodontic treatment is guaranteed to achieve great results

Plate and film-free panoramic X-rays

Using CEPH (or cephalometric) extraoral X-ray technology, our orthodontists are able to capture a panoramic digital image of the teeth, jawbone, and soft tissues beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, without having to use uncomfortable plates and X-ray films, as well as the exposure to standard X-ray radiation.

The other benefit of CEPH X-rays is that they show our orthodontist the nasal and sinus passages, which aren’t picked up by intraoral bitewing X-rays.

Benefits of a CEPH X-ray

Gives us an accurate view of the side profile of the face

Shows us when a patient has misaligned jaws, or a bad bite

Allows us to precisely measure teeth for treatment planning

Identifies teeth and jawbone injuries such as fractures

Helps our orthodontics form an accurate treatment plan

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